Working With NLP

Imagine a course that teaches you skills in communication using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

This really helpful Personal Development Tool enhances communication, is easy to master and can be very quickly incorporated into your professional and private life.

Is this course suitable for me??

How Do You Do?

This Diploma course written by Dr Mark Chambers and Piers Day is for those who work with people every day. Participants will learn enhanced communication skills and will develop a firm understanding of NLP and its uses. On completion of the course participants will have the skills and attributes of NLP that they can use personally and with patients/clients to achieve durable and lasting results.

Accredited by the ABNLP and The CPD Standard Office..

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Mindfulness Training

The experiential course introduces the practice of Mindfulness. This amazing course is written and presented by Dr Mark Chambers and Jennie Thornton. Both of these presenters are members of the College of Medicine. Mindfulness has proven benefits in reducing anxiety, stress and irritability, improving the quality of sleep, and boosting immune function.

Accredited by the CPD Standards Office.


Mindfulness Information

NLP Practitioner and Master Courses

Imagine being able to master NLP and its techniques as firstly a Practitioner and then a NLP Master Level. These two qualifications are Accredited by the ABNLP - probably the largest NLP Governing body in the world. Within this training you will learn the Tad James Time Line and the 2 day break through which is one of the coaches most valuable assets.

Accredited by the ABNLP and The CPD Standards Office.


NLP Practitioner Information

Working With NLP

Dr Mark Chambers and Piers Day have individually run courses for the NHS, Corporate and Private Clients and workshops in communication skills, NLP, Hypnosis and related topics. They have run courses together which were so popular that they sold out.

Dr Mark is well known in medical circles having been a GP and trainer for 38 years and used NLP, Mindfulness and other Complimentary Techniques with his patients. Now in retirement he teaches in the NHS and other organisations and follows his passion for helping people.

Piers Day has been a therapist for 20 or so years and uses Hypnosis and NLP to help clients in one to one sessions and also in groups. 

Between your two trainers you have over 60 years experience to rely on - and they are both seeing clients and patients seeing daily in their busy practices. 


More about Dr Mark Chambers More about Piers Day

NLP Coaching

Looking for a new career - or perhaps adding to your skills - NLP Coaching is a rapidly increasing part of people's work. Many have a Coach or see a Coach to bring out the best in them. This course is available for NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners which will enable them to coach.

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